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[12.25.03]- update by: [bryan]
- Tis a historic day in the life of the triple G Florence Ivy, the first bILLZ4sKILLZ is done and has been sent, AND also now up for download...this is only a one time deal though kiddies. The reason this is being posted is so y'all can see the magnificent job the G-string did on this project. If you are impressed with the ruckus brought on this track, head over to the bILLZ4sKILLZ section and get that girl (or boy) you have been chasing some rhymes before someone else does. Due to the astonishing demand for these tracks, the price will be raised in the near future. I recommend making your orders soon! Theres a new face in the fan SEXtion, go say hi. Thats all for now, just remember... you already missed the holiday rush for rhymes...do you wanna miss Valentines day too?

[12.16.03]- update by: [bryan]
-Did I mention the fan SEXtion is up...feel free to send your scantily clab if clad at all pics...HERE! Remember to add your name, state, AIM, email addy and measurements too. w0rd.

[12.14.03]- update by: [bryan]
-Firstly I would like to thank Scabbed and Messica for the help flyering this weekend, things went well, for all else who wanted to help you'll get your chance later! Anyone who can flyer any upcoming shows let me know ASAP! Next order of business... I wanna let you all know i made well on my promise and the MP3 is up over in the lEErix SEXtion so go over and snatch it before its replaced (hint hint). Sometime tomorrow I will have the lEErix to accompany the song. You will prolly need them as the triple G doesn't break tradition...some of the things he says you can't believe he's saying or you jus can't understand him cause you killed too many brain cells.

[12.09.03]- update by: [bryan]
-oy Vey. We are experiencing technical difficulties please stand by. I am gonna blame this one on the United States Postal Service. Regardless of what has happened, the MP3 will be in full effect this weekend, YES! december 14th 2003 the MP3 will be up. SO COME BACK AND DOWNLOAD IT...then come back the following week for...nevermind.
-if anyone wants to do some promoting for the triple G, that would be totally HAWT, if you wanna do at an upcoming MSI show thatd be hotter...most of the fans know G already, just gotta get him back in their heads! for more info and flyers email me.
-Also I am compiling pics and info for a fan section part of the site...if you send NAME, STATE, NAME, MAIL AND 3-PIX to me. I'll add you no matter how mutantish you look...thats it for now my nubian brothers and sisters post on the message board and be on your way...then come back shortly!

[11.16.03]- update by: [bryan]
-Well kiddies as the new year draws closer and closer we are met with yet another transformation of the man we have all cum to know and love. Who first began as the frontman of THE O, the band who brought you hits such as "Anal Thermometer" a band brought down by mutiny and terrible dance moves has now flourished and decayed through many a name, bringing us to his final stage...gONNA gET gOT. To get the "411" on what the man is all about hit up the BIO page and read about the trials an tribulations of this man of the times. ALSO peep the bILLZ4sKILLZ section to pick up somethin dope to give mom and pops for Kwanza.