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B4S011 - Florence Ivy
B4S012 - Puppet Terrors

You can have YOUR VERY OWN freestyle rap from the man who gave the world "Anal Thermometer" amongst so much other dopeness! Now someone else's financial misfortune can be your THRILL of a LIFETIME! Hate someone's stinking guts and want to let them know? Flip G some info on them and he'll bust you a searing freestyle that will poke them a new cornshoot! Madly in love? Get G a pic of lovergirl/boy and he'll whip off a sticky freestyle just for you! Just want some random lyrics praising yourself? Maybe your mom? Maybe praising sex with your mom! Whatever the subject, idea or scenario you'd like, the triple G will spit some ill lyrics over an even iller beat and burn it right down to a labelled and signed CD that will then be sent right to the door of you or someone you love.
-for a limited time (see below)...$69 gets you a freestyle ranging about 20-30 seconds depending on G's mood. The music might be a popular beat of the moment or an original unreleased track lying around! Feel free to put as much info as possible in your freestyle order. If it's about a person, send a pic or describe them. Same for places, jobs, bands, situations, tv shows or whatever...OR GO FOR THE GOLD!!!!
-for a limited time (see below)...$99 gets you your own personal FULL SONG by none other than the legendary gONNA gET gOT!! He'll write a chorus about you or whoever or about whatever subject you desire and have 3 verses of mad lyrical flow about it all. Finished tracks average about 3 minutes. You will get a labelled, signed CD and GET THIS:
A bonus CD of THE O's totally ghetto 18 track opus "MUTANT HOME DEMOS" is included with your order free! That's 12 bucks right there, smart guy!

-To place your order mail chek or m.o made out to Pine Brook Tire Co. to:
gONNA gET gOT c/o Pine Brook Tire Co.
P.O Box 649
Pine Brook, NJ 07058-0649
or Pay by credit card by paypal.com to [email protected]
-Feel free to feel for free by emailing first with any questions you may have.
Let the menstrual, i mean lyrical flow begin, Niggaz!