- : ::[the-GRIMIEST]:: : -

I was born dead
Why'd they resusitate me?
To violate, berate, and hate me?
in a place called NEW JERSEY
Well if this is NEW the old one must really suck my third L-E-G.
an' now they packng me off to their schools, indoctrinate wit they rules, FOOLS (uh) Always askin, "Just who you think you are? Gone too fa, kid you ain't a star. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH"
Well, who I think I am?
Do you really give a damn?
It don't matter cause U wouldn't understand
the origins of the G contains much drama
I came out of my momma
an a month went by
then I was lying in front of a very big guy
With a big beard
and a VERY big knife
Where this was headin, I did not like
my diaper came off then the wipe of a cloth
made me realized in horr-ah
what the knife was for AH!
"NO" I scream that's my favorite head!
But it was too late, I was cut an I bled!
Through the proceeding years or tears
I knew I had to be
a rich powerful MC
in order to protect what was rightfully mine
an so I'm
picking up this microphone now for many a year
Still some come up and try and steer
sayin yo G kick some rhymes for those abused far or here
I say, Punk yo lemme make this cle-ah...
Not doing this for tha peeps in the street
Not doing this for tha love of tha BEAT
Not doing this for tha fans in tha clubs
Not doing this for tha fam or the love
Not doing this for tha lawyers on the phone
Not doing this for tha ho's or to get BLOWN
Not doing this for tha sun, for the sand, for the EARTH
Not doing this for tha mountains or the SEA Y'ALL!!!
I'm doin it for the grimiest
it's TRIPLE...G
oh runnin up on your sickening scene...(x2)