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[01.25.04]- update by: [GGG]
nEPo will boogie on the stage of sin-e for the first time, this...
thurs, jan 27th, 11:15pm (ish)
21 & up $8
212 388 0077

150 Attorney St (@ Stanton)
New York, NY� 10002-1810, USA
on their website, they CLAiM that there "is ample parking at night"
J M Z to Essex St. or
F to Second Ave or Delancey St.
nEPo.....your one stop shop for ElectroChestral Weed Pop

[01.17.04]- update by: [GGG]
prepare for a very WHITE week.
WED, JAN 19th, 10:45PM for a FREE SHOW (21&up) with a VERY SPECIAL GUEST performance.
( The Continental 25 3rd Ave. (between St. Marks & 9th St.)� continentalnyc.com )
SAT, JAN 22nd, ALL-AGES co-headlining show with gONNA gET gOT and MC Chris
GGG playing 4:15pm and MC Chris hitting the stage around 4:45pm.
( Arlene Grocery 95 Stanton St. (between Orchard & Ludlow St.)� arlene-grocery.com )

[01.12.04]- update by: [GGG]
Its complete and utter GIG-O-RAMA with the sonic freakz formerly known as the O, �including an exciting all-ages gONNA gET gOT show with former cartoon network star MC CHRIS!!! (see McCHris.com!) but first... NEPO, GGG bassist/singer extraordinaire, loses his live virginity SATURDAY, JAN 15th , 11:15pm� @ the Continental.� 18&up.� $10.� 25 3rd Ave. (between St. Marks & 9th St.) 212-529-6924. continentalnyc.com see www.nepo.biz for more info!!! then gONNA gET gOT hits the Continental on WED, JAN 19th, 10:45PM for a FREE SHOW (21&up) with a VERY SPECIAL GUEST performing afterward. (hint: see Arlene show for idea of who guest is.)� It culminates with a not-to-be missed ALL-AGES dual-show with gONNA gET gOT and MC Chris on JAN 22, SATURDAY with GGG playing 4;15pm and MC Chris hitting the stage around 4:45pm. ( Arlene Grocery 95 Stanton St. (between Orchard & Ludlow St.)� arlene-grocery.com ) You can still buy cds by Nepo/GGG's ol moniker the O at www.the-o.tv but for a limited time , they will be on a special sale price of $12.00.
Also, gONNA gET gOT Billz4Skills LP is�ON THE WAY!!!!
Wow, so much excitement from so few words.

[01.03.04]- update by: [bryan]
Thurs, Jan 6th, 2005
Knitting Factory Tap Room
74 Leonard St.
NY,NY 10013
$8, ages 18 & up
come down and cum...down?

[12.06.04]- update by: [bryan]
so have you all visited THE-O.TV yet?
you realize you can buy the whole catalogue there RIGHT?!?!
Nightmerica, Mutant Home Demo's AND the elusive Junk in tha Trunk...
ALSO... theres been some updatage to nepo.biz!!!

but onto the news:

NEW SHOW in tha Bronx... scared? It can't be worse than Asbury Park can it?
more info to come BUT for some knowledge, check out http://bronxunderground.com
so far all we know is....
december 18th IN THA BRONX
exact showtime to come...
like I said peep the underground site.


[11.20.04]- update by: [bryan]
...once again LIVE in NYC:
Saturday, Decemeber 4th, 11:15pm
The Contintental - 18 & up!!!!!
25 Third Ave (St marks & 9th St.) $10
*see continentalnyc.com for directions, etc...

coming SOON: [nepo.biz] and a blast from the past [the-o.tv]

[10.11.04]- update by: [bryan]
Someone told me that you all wanted some LP that MAY or may not be titled JUNK IN THE TRUNK, it COULD have 19ish tracks and MIGHT at very latest be available at some show on OCTOBER 22ND at DOWNTIME in NYC...
...if you see me, demand pins cause ill be reppin the GGG, strait up. w3rd

[10.03.04]- update by: [bryan]
its cold... but this is sure to heat you up!!!
October 22, 2004 7:45pm @ Downtime
would you be suprised to hear it's in NYC???
251 west30th street. w00t
come early and stalk the band!!! bring your fake breasts ID's it's 18+
pretty and informative website here

other than that wonderful news, well least for those of us who are legal, there IS a lot going on. the O-LP is done, but you can't have it yet, sorry. DATE IS FORTHCOMING!!! ALSO the b4s cd shouldn't be too far off and new shows are being booked as we speak... well not really cause its early and rockstars sleep late. but they are on the way. w3rd. for those of y'all who wanna be added to the g0nna.get.inf0rmed email list, send your email addy and state, town and zip. i wanna get a demogrpahic of you mofo's. but heres the addy to send it to [email protected]*

*gmail.com is no way affiliated with ggg and although i have recommended time and time again g aquires one of these email addresses he has yet to get one

i am also gonna add a temp email sign-up on the front-page, i say temp because i need to find a way to dodge my servers security settings which ruin all which is php on the site.

ALSO, we are now myspacers, not cause its cool, but cause most of you are nerds and use that shit... so peep it! and for the g33ks we are developing an lj community so KEEP YOUR i'S OUT!!!!

[09.24.04]- update by: [bryan]
Wed, 9/29, 7;45pm @ The C0ntinental
see continentalnyc.com for info.
CONTINENTAL is located at:
25 Third Avenue
(between St. Marks Place & 9th St.)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 529-6924

- 6 train to Astor Place and walk one block East to Third Avenue.
- L train to 14th Street and walk 5 blocks South on Third Ave.
- N or R train to 8th Street and walk 3 blocks East to Third Ave.

[09.20.04]- update by: [bryan]

[09.09.04]- update by: [bryan]
SO how bout a new song. no? ok... The boys played an excellent show, one of their best, EVER as far as my eyes and ears are concerned, premiered some new songs. And on that note i got a sneak preview of some new studio material, they are HAWT... P.S. I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING YOU DON'T, ASKING ME IS USLESS, however i still love you SO feel free to hit me up for anything anytime. regardless the legendary G-Pod provided the tunes, and it was on LOCK-DOWN!

oh and a new song. I Want THat Feeling BACK!

[08.28.04]- update by: [bryan]
ALL-AGES show!!!!!
Saturday. Sept 4th 1:15 in the afternoon!!
Arlene Grocery
95 Stanton St (by Ludlow St.) NYC 10002
$10 for all-day matinee show with lots o' bands
(see gnyctv.com for more info)
CD with new track fer first 5 peeps who pinch Burnman's ass.

[08.23.04]- update by: [bryan]
YAY!!! my computer's back so now when I get news I can update super-quick... Apple kept me in the dark for a month then one night POW I have my computer back! SHOWS COMING SOON!!!!

[07.19.04]- update by: [bryan]
After going half-way across the country I am back and I have gig info... for everyone over 21:
gONNA gET gOT **lIVE** in NYC
Friday, July 30, 9;30pm FREE!
Luna Lounge, 171 Ludlow St. (@ Houston, near Stanton) 212-260-2323
21 & Up sadly...
Expect the Unexpectedly Expected!
I don't have a clue what the last statement means, BUT it prolly means the Philly show won't be anytime soon, it's a corporate thing GIVE IT TIME!!!!

[06.16.04]- update by: [bryan]
Downloads are offline while system thumps...I mean re-vamps. w3rd...

[05.20.04]- update by: [tripleG]
...Much respect to you mutanoids who came out to the secret Gonna Get Got Luna Lounge show in NYC & the Saint battle on May whatever day that was. If you ain't heard, Gonna Get Got was out of the comp from the moment his set began. This may be related to the fact that as G and band began playing, bassist/singer Nepo was still several dozen miles away on the Parkway in his beat-up jalopy with most of their equipment. Nepo offers his deepest and most sincere apologies to all the fans who journeyed cross' the land. Still G, Burnman and DJ Hustlemania ripped some raw-dawg freestyles and a pretty ghetto version of "Do Like That" to entertain the drug-addled crowd.

In other news, it is time to indefinitely suspend the Bills 4 Skills program in which you and yours can get a custom rap or WHOLE song about whatever the fuck you want from none other than the Triple G himself. LAST ORDERS will be taken by MAY 29, 2004. NO begging, whinging, whining, excuse-making OR whimpering. New price is for ALL remaining orders which DO NOT EXIST if not paid for by the above date.
TREMENDOUS thanks to the very few "heroes" still waiting for their finished trax. Your patience will be rewarded!

NEXT: It looks like GGG will be playing a semi-secret show at an as yet undisclosed location in Philly the first week or so of June. Keep your eye on gonnagetgot.com for details the sec we get em. Bills 4 Skills MINI-LP comin soon... and... finally... the... return.... OF..... NEPO !!!!!!

[05.05.04]- update by: [bryan]
I don't know about all of you but I'M not gonna miss going to Asbury Park, NJ... keep and eye out...yes, OUT!!! more shows to come!!!

[04.22.04]- update by: [bryan]
Sure it's a little late in tha game at this point but why not have a contest eh FOLKS? Here's the deal... We are looking for people to take WHACKY pics of them with the URL (www.gonnagetgot.com) SPRAWLED across their bodies, tits/manboobies and ass are always welcome, but if you ain't got either of those... FIND SOMEONE WHO DOES, or improvise, be CREATIVE. Anyway, whoever take the bestest, hottest, "off-da-chain" picture will win a MILLION DOLLARS in Afghani currency... which is equivalent to 2 tickets TOOOOO:
Sunday, MAY 02, 2004 @ The Saint in Asbury Park, New Jersey.
601 Main St. 07712. @ ???. (AS IF anyone still uses phones )---> [732.775.9144] 18 & up admitted. $8 in advance, $10 at the door.
As part of the jerseyshows.com Battle of the Bands AKA... BRING YOUR SUPPORT G's and G-ess's
and of course if this isn't your cup of tea you can BUY TICKETS NOW! We JUST added a deal where if you buy 3 or more tickets, you only gotsta pay 6 BUCKS FOR EACH (as supposed to 8)!!!! You can use the money you save to uuuhhhhh, give it to me!!! Anyway send your contest entries to: [email protected], but forging foward!!! That is all my friends, I WILL RETURN. oh BTW, it should go without saying if you send pics of yourself showing skin, I hope your 18 or older, since the show IS 18+.

[04.19.04]- update by: [bryan]
-LOTTA stuff for you folks today, peep the x-TRA section for G's joints of tha week, he listens to some pretty "gnarly tunes" I HIGHLY suggest YOU check it out, specially since you can get the grey album for free, google that shit!!!! It's Jay-Z rappin over funk-da-fied Beatles beats, props to Dangermouse on that, and the fact that he is working with Damon Albarn on some new Gorillaz / Blur traxx. Moving along, mailing list filling out mcFORM will be up shortly, however there is a MASSIVE compiling of GGG songs over in the muSEEK section NOW, so y'all can hunt down WHATever your missing, like POKEmon!!! HERE'S a hint, write down whatchu need, go to the fanlisting and start going down, don't ask me cause I am the easy way to get stuff, and I want you to WORK for it. Which bring's me to the compeTITion for tickets to next months show... it needs approval from the G, as its kinda RISQUE, so im not gonna post it yet BUT: here's a refresher:
Sunday, MAY 02, 2004 @ The Saint in Asbury Park, New Jersey.
601 Main St. 07712. @ ???. (AS IF anyone still uses phones )---> [732.775.9144] 18 & up admitted. $8 in advance, $10 at the door.
As part of the jerseyshows.com Battle of the Bands AKA... BRING YOUR SUPPORT (bras)!!! or not.
Hopefully a bunch of y'all will make it out to the show, it was RAD meeting y'all last time, and I have made some real ill friends (ill meaning "good" of course). SPECIFICALLY, I expect to see Sharon Pisko, who just sent me a fan submission... You are from New Jersey so you BETTER be there, or else!!! Speaking of fan submissions, we have almost 1000 hits per month and only like 35 (32 listed 3 i need to add) fan submissions... WHATS THE DEAL!!!! EVERYONE reading this, find 3 pix of yourself, stick them in an email with you hometown/state, name and screen name and send it to me... GET LISTED HOMIES!!! On that note, more soon!!!

[04.12.04]- update by: [bryan]
-hEY!!! So we are all still alive and get this... the bILLZ4sKILLZ album is on it's way!!!! That's right! we HAVE been holding out on you, well G moreso than myself. REGARDLESS thats coming round the bend. ALSO for all you little sluts that frequent the board!!! ALTHOUGH its been down for like a month(plus) it isssss BACK UP!!!! iN other words, get your ass there now!!!! BUT as always theres exciting news 'round the corner! More news on the LP as it is made available!!! PEACE IN THA MIDDLE EAST YO'S!!!!

[03.27.04]- update by: [bryan]
-OK!!!! SO found out why the board has been down and why the gallery I have been trying to use, hasn't been working correctly, the websites host recently changed around somethings and now PHP is a beeyatch! BUT alas my good friend Ben over at CyberPixels is on the case and hopefully things will end well. SOON as that is fixed I will have a nifty layout for a gallery and the board will be back up!!! STILL a good amount of exciting news around the bend kids so keep on checkin the site for updates!!!! For now heres a few pics for all y'all to enjoy. [one| two| three| four| five| six]

[03.24.04]- update by: [bryan]
-I am sorry it has been so long since I last updated pals, I am still alive!!! Regardless just wanted let y'all know that there was a massive explosion in space and thats why the board has been down, I am gonna keep trying to revive it by giving it mouth to cock resusitation but alas it doesn't seem to be working. Regardless I will have a replacement board up REAL soon! As well as finally putting up the pictures I have been promising for like, a month. AND on top of all that I have a few more things to update on the muSEEK section... other than that exciting news is right around tha bend!!!!

[03.08.04]- update by: [bryan]
-SO, the OTHER bands COMPETING May 2nd at The Saint have been announced so I figured I would give y'all a heads up! Come on out and show support... Shaun came from WISCONSIN... so I am sure some of y'all can make it to NJ from NY... PA... other PARTS of NJ... MA, OHIO!!! ok, ok, ok, heres the list of bands:
I am not sure about set times or if that is any type of order... I DO know however that all aforementioned bands parents will be in full effect MEANING - y'all need to get your asses to Asbury Park, NJ on May 2nd to show some love for the beloved triple G... or else Mommy's will bribe the judges with brownies and whatever else Moms do... we wouldn't know, we all killed our mothers and ate them ritualistically for the sake of THE MUSIC!!!. BUT in all seriousness... Pictures are still on the way... and now we also have a few 20 seconds clips off the show to... show you... that will be posted soon.

[03.03.04]- update by: [bryan]
-Well after much deliberation in the triple G camp, it has been decided that the mp3's from the show shall be taken down, AND yeah there they go. However I am in the middle of adding a review from the show and also some pictures are coming!!!! Jus gotta upload some script. If y'all have any pictures you can send them to me I swear to CHRIST if any y'all gimme a virus I will cut your weak feable uncircumsized peni. ALSO, while I am supplying somewhat disheartening news from now on only the MIXTAPE (see below) will be available for download in the MUSEEK section... however I will also list some of the shit that will never see the light of day, and if it does, the people who let it out from under the rock where it currently resides will never see the light of day, AGAIN! OH and by the way, tickets are onsale for ROUND TWO of the battle of the bands... info is pretty much the same as before... we aren't sure what time they hit the stage yet but YOU WILL BE UPDATED!!!

Sunday, MAY 02, 2004 @ The Saint in Asbury Park, New Jersey.
601 Main St. 07712. @ ???. (AS IF anyone still uses phones )---> [732.775.9144] 18 & up admitted. $8 in advance, $10 at the door.
As part of the jerseyshows.com Battle of the Bands AKA... BRING YOUR SUPPORT (bras)!!!
BUY TICKETS NOW! it helps out YO!

[02.27.04]- update by: [bryan]
[01-tHE gRiMiEST]
[03-dO LiKE tHAT]

....so theres that! hope y'all like it!
thanks eddy for the mp3's!!! and sorry shaun for mispelling everything
REVIEWS from the show
PIX from the show

[02.26.04]- update by: [bryan]
-Just to give y'all who dont peep the MB, gONNA gET gOT has moved onto the second round of JerseyShows.com's Battle of the Bands. Now there was A LOT of y'all there to which I would like to thank... Shaun and his crew from WI, Derek and his girl from PA, Eddy and his camera tottin band of miscreants from the MD and whoever else I forgot to mention for coming out to show some love for the GGG. Myself and my homeys endured a fun drive down from NH for the festivities and found the venue with the help of these nice ladies at CVS. Asbury Park is Creepy but ALAS, the second round is approaching... kinda, and Y'ALL need to get tickets (when available) and get yo asses down and show love. I'll write a review later on complete with G breaking glasses and killing animals, burnman doing ahh burnman stuff, nepo's fuzzy jacket and hustlemania owning an iBook... but more importantly rocking his custom hustlemania shirt.
However now I will give you an update on what to look for on the NEXT UPDATE (tonight or tomorrow):
REVIEWS from the show
PIX from the show
MP3's from the show (thanks eddy)
MORE GIGS!!! (well I won't update that... but THERE ARE MORE ON THE WAY)
ahhhh yes, wheels are turning folks.
as for the folks who got DJ HUSTLEMANIA, MIXTAPE VOL. 1 hope y'all like it.
for those who didn't I will put it up for download.

[02.17.04]- update by: [bryan]
-So to keep with the flow of things and to prove that he likes y'all more than I do I was instructed to post a new song... anyone want a new song? Do Like That!!!!!! is now available for sonic masturbation.
so whos going to the show SUNDAY!!!! ????

[01.23.04]- update by: [bryan]
You and one of those twisted lil miscreants you call friends can win tickets to see GGG live at the Saint... ITS EASY!!! Just answer this simple trivia question;
What is Jimmy Urine's favorite O song?
Winner gets a free pair of tix for GGG at the saint Feb 22.
email [email protected] with the answer.
Good scmuck!

[02.10.04]- update by: [bryan]
-we are still here... no one has won the contest. BOOOOOOOOOO!
the battle is coming up!!! BUY TICKETS NOW!

[01.23.04]- update by: [bryan]
You and one of those twisted lil miscreants you call friends can win tickets to see GGG live at the Saint... ITS EASY!!! Just answer this simple trivia question;
What is Jimmy Urine's favorite O song?
Winner gets a free pair of tix for GGG at the saint Feb 22.
email [email protected] with the answer.
Good scmuck!

[01.21.04]- update by: [bryan]
-did some cleaning up of the site today...look around... oh and by the way:
gONNA gET gOT....LIVE! Sunday, Febuary 22, 2004 @ The Saint in Asbury Park, New Jersey.
601 Main St. 07712. @ 9pm. (AS IF anyone still uses phones )---> [732.775.9144]
18 & up admitted. $8 in advance, $10 at the door.
As part of the jerseyshows.com Battle of the Bands AKA... HELP US WIN!!!
BUY TICKETS NOW! it helps out A LOT!

[01.20.04]- update by: [bryan]
-bILLZ4sKILLZ now 69 for a freestyle! 99 for a full song....AND ITS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!
news on tickets for the upcoming battle of the bands soon! (you'll be able to buy em here)
da heat is gone, hope ya'll enjoyed it while it was here

[01.11.04]- update by: [bryan]
-I am gonna pretend it's everyones birthday and give you yet another mp3 (which I have taken away). With this newly taken back present I would like to announce that there have been a few more bILLZ4sKILLZ orders which means ahhh... some lucky ahhh... somthing is gonna have a song written about them. yeah. Well you got your new mp3 taken away... what else could you want? OH NEWS... there may or may not be some shows coming up so keep an eye out for that, and there WILL indeed be a contest in the near future! Prizes will knock your gawddamn socks off... your penises. CUM BACK SOON

[01.04.04]- update by: [bryan]
-HAPPY NEW YEAR! but fuck that! down to business... As some of you may (prolly) have heard the latest Billz4Skillz track is now up at its home...puppetterrors.com. Its a twisted theme song for a twisted website. Just a heads up kids...many others have already had this track! why you ask? cause they are on the message board, sign up an peep that shit regularly, as they are information mining goblins who usually have news before i even think to post it. But if you havent't already get the song, and buy some puppets, but before you blow 20 bucks there, you may wanna consider gettin some rhymes from GGG before the prices go up for the 2k plus 4. yes, like Mike Jackson's trousers at a kindergarten, the price is RISING in the new year! Order now, before international stardom make them, err...un-orderable, with Valentines Day just around the corner, Happy Valentines Day by Outkast is gonna be bumpin from everyones whip, be unique... at least a one or two of you must have a girl, boy or mutanoid you wanna impress or destroy with the euphoric or berating flow of the 3G. Why spend more than you have to? dont wait BUY NOW! Give him the info and he will give you the product. Thats all for now from camp GGG more exciting news is in the air.

[01.04.04]- update by: [jimz]

These sites specify how to manage junk removal that engages ideas on how to form or create a new product. It also helps in developing an interpersonal skill of an individual by producing wonderful creations. A lot of organizations worldwide teaching junk removal management. You can voluntarily present yourself to be a part of junk removal movement just for free to help your community or other communities as well. They are encouraging people to avoid and lessen waste pollution by proper junk removal. They have an expert in composting and recycling the waste materials. They are spreading information of junk removal practice about reusing unwanted materials. Some organizations organized annual movement to educate people about junk removal to prevent environmental pollution through reaching the communities. Most organizations teaching people to reduce, reuse, and recycle the waste materials available in their home. They have a movement also about junk removal that are protecting the environment. Organizations are promoting surplus products to reduce the waste pollution.

  1. http://www.acornrecyclers.com/
  2. http://www.afandpa.org/
  3. http://www.allwasteservicesltd.com/
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  5. http://americarecyclesday.org/
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does anyone else remember 2003?